Design 4 Haiti

Design 4 Haiti

We are so excited to share about our collaboration with Macys and their Heart of Haiti and Rwanda Path to Peace collections. It used to be difficult to find ethically made pieces that were stylish and affordable. Thanks to an ever growing trend toward global artisan goods, consumers are able to find more and more home decor pieces that align with both their personal values as well as design taste. You can read more about the collections and how they benefit artisans by clicking the links above however the easiest way to shop for these pieces on the website is to enter "haiti" and "rwanda" into the search bar. Thank you Macy's for letting me be a part of this special project!

Heart of Haiti Tray

The Metal Waves Texture Tray is my favorite piece. I decorated it with some simple made in the USA potpouri. I'm not normally a potpouri kind of girl but there was something very fall and grown up about the look that made me love it.

 These Set of Four Horn Coasters are actually upside down. You can click the link to see how beautiful they look on the other side. I think coasters are sort of a necessary evil in decorating. For the most part they don't excite me but they are essential for protecting wood furniture. I really liked how these just blended into the table, so they can always be out and ready for use without being an eyesore. 

 I love touches of gold for a little drama and these Gold Leaf Candlesticks  do the trick in the room. You can see the handmade details here which I find endearing. We used skinny tall candles to add some height and drama to the top of an otherwise very functional (maybe boring) piece. A little trick here. If you find a candle you love that is too narrow for the candle holder, simply melt the bottom end of the candle, stick it in the holder and hold it in place for 10 seconds while it dries and sets.

Gold Paper Mache.jpg

Again with the gold! I might regret this one day (hunter green and country blue anyone?!) but Gold Paper Mache Bowl Set is just really cute. It's decorative, again, I rarely buy pieces that are just for sitting on a shelf but they look sooo cute sitting on a shelf. We used the larger Bowl to hide the matches for our candles.

 Organizing a functional bookshelf doesn't have to be ugly! Rwanda Sweetgrass and Rafia Breadbasket is a really versatile easy to use piece. We used ours as a place to store table games, glasses and keys. It's slim profile helps it fit on narrow bookshelves with ease. 

 You can't go wrong here. Even if you have killed every other plant you've ever owned you can keep this one alive! All it needs is a place in the sun and two tablespoons of water a week. So easy. We bought these little succulents from our favorite nursery and potted them in this beautiful little Einstein Rustic Nut Bowl. Adding green to an indoor space breaks things up and brings life into a room.

Everywhere Society has provided me with product for this post about Macy's Heart of Haiti and Rwanda Path to Peace. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support our blog.

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