Review of Ethical, Upcycled Sandals Line Deux Mains

Review of Ethical, Upcycled Sandals Line Duex Mains
Review of Ethical, Upcycled Sandals Line Duex Mains

I'm excited to introduce you today to Haiti-based Deux Mains. A stunning collection of locally sourced and handcrafted shoes that create sustainable and fair employment for artisans in Haiti. Deux Mains is a project of Rebuild Globally, whose desire is to combat poverty through employment. They opened the doors to their sandal studio just seven months after the disastrous earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and currently employ eleven craftsmen and women and three managers! Additionally they run an apprenticeship program that serves twenty at risk students.

The soles of the sandals are made from the sidewalls of discarded automobile tires. They are not melted down and reshaped but upcycled, keeping their unique form. Then they are thinned to keep them light and comfortable while maintaining their original durability. Foam foot-beds allow the sandals to mold to your feet, which sit on our custom, vegetable-tanned Haitian goat leather. The leather is made in a tannery in Haiti with no chemicals or dyes, leaving the color unaltered and completely natural! It is finished in the workshop with a beeswax conditioner so that it lasts as long as possible. The sandal straps are made from chrome-tanned suede Haitian goat leather, custom dyed in our five signature colors. All of the sandals are made with naked leathers so that they are completely authentic and wear beautifully with time.

Review of Ethical, Upcycled Sandals Line Duex Mains

I was sent a pair of their Bel Nanm sandals which are releasing this month and are currently available for sale. These shoes are designed by model Heide Lindgren are very comfortable and surprisingly stylish for shoes made out of recycled tires! Bel Nanm means "beautiful soul" in Haitian Creole and that name is fitting for beautiful shoes that do beautiful things.

One SUPER exciting thing is that the brand teamed up with Kenneth Cole to create the Love Haiti sandal. The sandal came about after Kenneth personally came to the sandal workshop and wanted to be a part of the great work they were doing. You can shop ethically and shop your favorite designer! Love that!

A great feature of their website is that you can read about the artisans that made your shoes. This personal connection is something so unique to the thoughtful shopping movement and is such a motivator to me to keep shopping ethically, even when it's really hard. This brand not only helps you connect with the artisans but features a story about each one. Seriously, I love Haiti so much guys, so these stories of resilience made me tear up in a good way. 

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