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Coyuchi Air Weight Towel Review

Hey there! So if you've been reading along with us for a while you know by now that textiles are not only an industry darkened by labor abuse but also an industry that is extremely harsh on our planet. The pollutants that come from non-organic fibers impact our health and the dying process that uses and then polute tons of water impact our water supply. Additionally, so many textiles are made very cheaply which means it's not going to last very long and will end up in landfills for-e-ver.  

Recognizing the great need for sustainable and ethically made products that also don't feel too "granola", Coyuchi offers beautiful and luxurious pieces for the home that are kind to the planet and the people who live on it. They use guidelines set by the USDA National Organic Program, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) and the International Labor Organization to guarantee that the products they make are aligned with the values they promote.

Coyuchi Air Weight Towel Review

We recently purchased the Air Weight cotton towel (and were gifted some by Coyuchi as well!). This towel is twill woven in a Fair Trade Certified Factory, uses organic cotton and is created to keep it's shape . It's easy to care for and dries super fast! These towels are offered in some of the prettiest colors out there so you will definitely find something that works with your home. We chose the color "fog" for our new bathroom (we'll be sharing more about that soon!) and they are just a really pretty perfect shade of cool grey. 

Now, I'm talking about fair trade certified towels so I'm gonna take a guess as to what you're thinking:

 "That's nice for you that you can afford to buy these kind of towels. But I live in the real world so I'll keep buying mine at Target, thanks." Okay, maybe you wouldn't have said it like that because you're not mean like me, but you get the point.  And friends, that's what I thought as well. So I did a little research. 

The Coyuchi Lightweight Towel set which contains two washcloths, two hand towels and two bath towels is currently on sale for $102.

A similar set at Target is $104. And the only information your given is "imported". And I didn't go looking for the most expensive ones either. I just searched "grey" and "towel set" on Targets website and that's what popped up. 


Yes, shopping ethically typically IS more expensive piece by piece. It's silly not to acknowledge that because it doesn't help the movement for us to live in denial. However overtime I've found that if I shop thoughtfully vs. shopping for whatever is on sale on a whim, I am actually getting much more bang for my buck in terms of quality and often, price, by purchasing the ethically made piece. 

Coyuchi carries a surprisingly large and diverse amount of ethically sourced items for bed, bath and home at a variety of price points. Right now I'm really wanting their surprisingly inexpensive Chambray kitchen towel set. We are also strongly considering purchasing their Abstract Embroidered Voile Tablecloths to use as curtains in our entry way. I don't have the gift of DIY but I'm in love with this print so we'll see how brave we are!

Coyuchi is a great place to grab an investment piece such as a stunning linen duvet which, with the proper care, should last you years and years, or score a great deal on a beautiful accent piece for your home