Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Over the past two years I've started and deleted at least five posts with this title. I struggle to find words to articulate the feelings and jumbled thoughts. I struggle to find the balance between the purpose of this blog and the things that are on my heart. I care about thoughtful consumerism, but ultimately it's not because I LOVE fashion so much (and if you've ever met me in real life you know that's true). I care about thoughtful consumerism because I care about justice. And this week... watching this unfold again... but this time, with black babies in my arms... I've felt an anger I haven't felt since Trayvon Martin's killer got away with murder. 

I'm tired of people talking about 'starting a conversation' 'having dialogue' 'leaning in' 'unpacking' 'loving God and loving people' and all the other phrases we use so that we can not be accused of ignoring what's happening but also really have no intent of actually doing anything.

I'm tired of all the fake supporters of law enforcement. The only person I know who actually is part of an organized group of supporters of law enforcement is my father, who looks more like the people getting murdered than anyone I know using that ridiculous blue lives matter hashtag. You aren't fooling anyone.

I'm tired of reading the comments on your Facebook posts. Stop trying to appease your racist friends when you should be calling them out.

I'm tired of you using the word 'ghetto' to describe anything you think is bad and not white. I'm tired of you making fun of people's names.

I'm tired of the black community saying black lives matter while we let tens of thousands of little black children rot in the foster care system. 

I'm tired of your ignorant comments about Armenians, Mexicans, and Asians. You should know that when you talk bad about them I am assuming you are also talking about my family when I'm not in the room and I don't think you are safe anymore. 

I'm tired of worrying about the comments on this post. 

I'm tired of worrying about being 'that girl'.

I'm tired of re-writing this so I don't hurt your feelings.


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Photo by Nicholas Kampouris on Unsplash