An Interview with Just Potters

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Just Potters and was blown away. I'm so excited today to share our interview with this incredible company.

Just Potters.jpg

Tell us a little bit about the idea behind Just Potters.

Since our launch in 2006, JustPotters has worked diligently to create a Vancouver based pottery studio that offers finely crafted, handmade goods. Whether it's mugs and plates, or pots and garden-markers, our artwork has an heirloom quality. JustPotters is a unique social enterprise. We employ individuals with various barriers to traditional employment. Our employees may be new to Canada, struggle with addiction, have physical limitations, or have challenges with mental health. Over the years our studio has grown into a meaningful community.

One of your core values is creating a 'dignifying workplace' for your team members. What does this look like in the context of your company and how do you feel it benefits your business?

Central to our company's identity is the social value of providing work opportunities to people who for various reasons struggle to find meaningful employment. Based on a social enterprise model, we have successfully blended financial and social goals employing a yearly average of six people who are facing major hurdles to participation in the workforce since 2006. 

Community is central to our work environment. Through working in the pottery studio and sharing some of the struggles our employees face we have formed a support structure in which our employees feel safe. This makes an excellent work environment to be a part of.

You have some absolutely incredible and unique pieces. What does the creative process look like with your team? 

In an age of mass-produced goods, we prefer to look to the past for inspiration. At JustPotters we work as an art collective, we share ideas about ceramics and work together to come up with new designs for our pottery. Each person plays a different role in the company, some are hand-builders, and others throw on the wheel, we have staff that glaze the work and others that take care of firing it. The Collaborative aspect of our work makes us unique in that there is no single artist behind the work, there are many artists working together towards making a beautiful product.

What can we expect to see from your company in the future?

 At JustPotters, we are always working towards making the most beautiful functional objects that we can. In addition, we continually look to expand upon the products we carry. Currently, we are working towards making more items for the garden including expanding upon our garden marker line and creating a wide range of planters and watering containers.

Incredible right?! Above you'll see a few of my favorite pieces. You can find these pieces and many more in their shop. Special thanks to Jasmine at Just Potters for taking the time to do this interview with us.