A Parade of Fair Trade Scarves

Scarves Fair Trade.jpg

As promised here is our final round-up of lovely scarves! As a true Southern Californian I really dislike any weather lower than 60 degrees, however I really like wearing scarves so at least I can find comfort in that. The price point on many of these scarves is really not much more than scarves you'd find in a mall. There are so many great ones to choose from!

We will see you back here next week with gift guides, a big post on an important wardrobe staple and another giveaway you do not want to miss!

1. FashionABLE Bezuayhu Scarf

2. Oxfam Handmade Checked Scarf

3. Connected Goods Infinity Scarf

4. FashionABLE scarves- the mission behind this brand is so important and the scarves are beautiful!

5. Slyfelion crocheted infinity scarf - i saw this in real life. the crochet work is amazing and it's crazy soft

6. Noonday Collection Nod to Neon Scarf

7. A Peace Treaty Damya Scarf- so expensive. so gorgeous. so tempting.