Journey to Ethiopia With Parker Clay

Today's guest post is from Parker Clay

Parker Clay.jpg

We want to invite you to come with us on a journey to Ethiopia. When we founded Parker Clay in 2014, we were living in Ethiopia and always found it hard to express to people who had never been to Ethiopia just how incredible the country is. Over this past year we have been working on telling our story through a new and innovative process of virtual reality (VR). This project give you a raw and authentic look into our production and the people behind each of our products. This along with a look at what makes Ethiopia a land of immense beauty, vibrant culture, and welcoming people. We are using VR to bring you into an experience where you can see inside our story, how our products are made, who makes then, and where they are made. In essence, we are using VR to promote transparency as social entrepreneurs, and to that extent we have put together a project unlike anything that has been done before.


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