The Thoughtful Home: Bed

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In honor of yet another silly holiday, National Make Your Bed Day, we wanted to share about our bed. Over the past few years as we've retired old pieces we've done our best to replace them with ethical alternatives. Here are the pieces that make up our bed. I'm a very firm believer that your bed (we're you spend at least 1/4 of your day!!!) should be a place where you invest since you use it so much and since sleep dramatically impacts every area of our lives. 

Our Duvet is from Matteo. It's made from extremely soft linen and looks exactly the same today as when we bought it three years ago. Matteo products are made in Los Angeles and use low impact, eco friendly dyes on their products. They are not cheap, we actually got our for about half price a few years back on Gilt. However I anticipate that with the right care it will easily last us ten years so even at full price it's worth the investment. 

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Our lovely  Platform Bed Frame is made in the USA by a disabled Veteran owned company. It's gorgeous, solid wood and it took five minutes to put together. Not exaggerating. It's incredibly easy to put together. This is the first proper bed frame we've owned and it was important to me that it was something we could keep forever. This is it. We opted for the natural finish pine because we thought we might want to paint it but it's so pretty we're just gonna leave it alone. 

Our mattress is from Casper. It came rolled up in a box guys. And then we just pulled it out of the box and slept on it. Magic. I like a really firm mattress so this is a little different for me. It's definitely not "soft" but rather conforms to your body kind of like a cloud. It's so nice. Our last mattress was eight years old and creaked like it was full of ghosts every time you moved an inch so it was time to say goodbye. I've only been sleeping on it for a few nights but I have already noticed less back pain in the morning and better sleeping at night (minus crying babies. Teething OMG.) Google "health hazards and old mattress" and you'll be so horrified you'll want to buy one of these bad boys as soon as possible. The mattress is designed, manufactured and produced in the USA and although you'll rarely see it, it's really pretty too. Try 100 nights risk free and get $50 off a new mattress from Casper

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Our sheets are from a new brand called Syona Home. The owners of Syona grew up in the cotton belt of India and witnessed first hand the challenges that farmers were facing. They were inspired to start their business after learning about the horrifyingly high rate of suicide among farmers working in the conventional cotton industry. The brand works directly with Chetna Organic, a farmers’ association that focuses on sustainability for its members. In addition to using natural seeds, natural fertilizers, and natural means of pest control, Chetna Organic taps into local resources and uses sustainable financing to achieve food security and seed sovereignty. With more than 35,000 farmers in its ranks and growing, their model minimizes the risk to farmers of variable credit markets and temperamental weather.

Syona's fair trade certified and deliciously soft sheets are as cozy as they are beautiful. We received the Avani classic sheets that have a delicate and timeless design. They are without a doubt the most comfortable sheets we've ever owned. In addition to being ethically made, Syona donates 15% of each sale to Charity Water and Smile Foundation. You can try their sheets for yourself risk free and for $30 off by entering code WELCOME30 at checkout. You can also try your luck at winning a sheet set! 

Syona sheets were sent to us by the brand as a gift. Everything else was purchased by us. Thank you for supporting the brands that support our blog.