Behind The Brand - Leotie Lovely

  BTB_Leotie Lovely
I started my collection to give new life to discarded things. The construction of these clutches is a story in itself – a journey of time and research to upcycle and repurpose, filling in what couldn’t be found with ethically produced products, while ensuring everyone and everything contributing to this collection’s creation was paid fairly and treated respectfully.
I consider myself a curator, not a designer – these fabrics found me, not the other way around. Each clutch holds a memory of the time and place where its material was found; it is by happenstance that each fabric fell naturally into place to create a something resembling collections.
My collections are an example of the possibility of creation, knowing you can find an eco solution to any problem makes me less patient with excuses from brands who don't follow through in finding solutions for their own collections, but it also gives me hope that there are solutions there to be had by those creators who care to create consciously. 
Leotie lovely
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