Bead and Reel Fashion Show

 We sent a thoughtful consumerism newbie to a fair trade fashion show. Here are her thoughts. Congrats to Bead and Reel on a successful event.





Last weekend I had the awesome opportunity to attend a Fair Trade Fashion Show Fundraiser held in the heart of the Fashion District at Cross Campus Downtown LA. I never really thought too much about the items I purchase almost on a daily basis. Typically if I want it and can afford it I buy it! I never have allowed myself to think outside the box about what the things I'm purchasing. Who makes them? Where are they made? How they are made? Where does the product come from?

As I was exposed to many people's stories, companies explaining why they do what they do, and listening to professional ambassadors of the Human Rights movement I learned so much about the reasons why the way I shop matter.  

When you talk about Fair Trade--- you're not just talking about a movement, an organization, or a company... You're talking about people, especially women, that have been left behind. When you hear that, doesn't it make you want to know more? Doesn't it make you concerned? It definitely was opening my mind as I was sitting in this room full of beautiful people, that most likely already understand, support, and partner with Fair Trade companies. Me sitting there as a "newbie" to all of this, I couldn't help but keep thinking "I want to help give people an opportunity without exploitation... And if that means I need to be a little more cautious and observe my purchases a little bit more, so be it!" Thinking about our purchases matters to others and to our environment. 

After a panel discussion and tons of education about this wonderful movement,  beautiful women of all different ethnic backgrounds took to the stage modeling Fair Trade clothing. Business attire, ponchos, sweatshirts, dresses--- all of the clothing was made ethically and all of the  companies being represented were owned by women. I came into this Fair Trade Fashion Show put on by Peace Exchange and Bead & Reel not knowing what to expect... and I left leaving full of responsibility. 

 - Hannah 

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