A Capsule Wardrobe For Kids. This. Changes. Everything.

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Ever since we welcomed our sweet babies into our home I've found that I'm literally doing laundry all the time. Laundry happens to be my favorite chore (perhaps I should say chore I dislike the least?) so it's been alright. However the worst part is all the pieces of clothing that don't work together. We have been so blessed with tons of hand-me-downs for our little ones and their drawers are stuffed full of cute things to wear. But for whatever reason, on most days it feels impossible to find something that just stinking matches!! One mom decided she'd just about had enough of all that madness and decided to defeat the laundry monster by creating a capsule wardrobe for kids. We've shared about Wildly Co.  in the past but this latest endeavor is just so great!! What I LOVE about these capsules is that in addition to streamlining the laundry process it encourages little ones independence because no matter what they pick out to wear it will always match! 

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Made ethically using fair trade principles parents can rest assured that the clothing their precious ones are wearing wasn't knit together by someone else's baby. And like, that really matters doesn't it? 

I have two issues with the wildly capsule wardrobes. First, they don't come in baby size so I'm gonna have to wait. Secondly, they don't come in my size. Rude. Other than those two complaints I think these are near perfect wardrobes for kids that are easily shared with siblings because the construction is good. Imagine a summer with two loads of laundry a week....or if you live in California, where apparently we no longer have seasons, a wardrobe that will work with you, not against you, until your child grows out of it!  

Separately, these pieces are well priced but bundled together in the capsule these wardrobes are EXCELLENTLY priced. Right now through June 30th  you can get 20% off your capsule wardrobe order by using code DOMINIQUE20 at checkout. Now all you have to do is think about how you'll spend all that extra time not doing laundry!! 


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