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If you've been hanging out in the thoughtful consumerism movement for a while you've most certainly heard of Fortress of Inca. Ethical shoes are really hard to come by and sometimes the selection can be underwhelming. For several years Fortress of Inca has been challenging the status quo and proving that ethical fashion can be just as beautiful and current as pieces in the conventional market.


Working exclusively with factories in Peru, the Texas based company regularly audits and investigates the factories they work with and asks three questions: Are the workers being paid a fair living wage? Are the workers being paid social security insurance? Are the workers given adequate time off and are the working conditions safe? Most of the materials for their shoes in sourced in Peru as well, creating a more sustainable shoe that's kinder to the Earth. Aside from the obvious beauty of the shoes, I was really impressed with the quality of the shoe as a whole. The inside of the shoe is just as nice as the outside and the soles aren't going to wear out anytime soon. 


The company kindly sent me a pair of their flats in a gold and tan color. Initially I asked for black because I don't like having "special shoes" that don't go with anything. The representative assured me that gold was a great neutral and she was so right! I'm happy to have a non-black shoe that can really work as a neutral with a lot of different outfits. The fit is perfectly snug, not tight, but like "we actually spent time making sure our shoes would fit real feet" snug. The price point is certainly higher than most of us might be used to paying for shoes in the conventional marketplace. However, (like I've said now 1 million times) it is SO much nicer to have one pair of shoes that you love and that last than three pairs that will be trashed by next season. I think their flats and booties are perfect transitional shoes in the glorious weather that lies between boots and sandals. 


Fortress of Inca sent me these shoes to review at no cost. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I don't review stuff I don't like. Thank you for supporting the brands that support our blog!


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