Made | Pauline Alice Rosari Skirt in Corduroy

Dudes, I am in love with this pattern. Ever since Reformation put out their Tucson skirt, I've been trying to get my hands on a high waisted, 70's-inspired a-line. Pauline Alice's Rosari skirt fit the bill perfectly, and I plan to make as many versions of this beauty as I can. I used a navy blue corduroy from Britex and some brass snap buttons, a color combination that also happens to match my new Fortress of Inca Rita Jane booties (not pictured here because... rain).

The pattern is fairly easy to follow and suitable for beginners, especially if you exclude the pockets like I did. I do plan to create a pocketed version, but I wanted to keep the lines on this one super simple. The only problem I encountered was the waistband. For some reason, the band I cut out ended up being about two inches too short. I tried to backtrack, but I couldn't figure out what happened. I cut the right size, the fabric wasn't too stretchy – I really have no idea. Since I was already low on fabric, I just ended up attaching another two-inch panel to the waist band above the back seam. This worked fine (it's actually kind of a cool effect), but I will definitely triple-check that the pieces line up when I make this again.

Next up, a denim version. Then a green one, then a a pink one... it'll just be Jacqui and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Skirts up in here.

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