When You Educate A Girl

He Named Me Malala

On tuesday, The Little Market hosted a screening of the upcoming feature length film, He named Me Malala. This beautifully crafted documentary shares the story of Malala Yousafzai, a young woman who survived a gun shot to her head for speaking out against the Taliban and standing up for a girls right to an education. I've known  about Malala for years but hearing her story and her passion for the rights of girls and women everywhere was not just inspiring but challenging. All across the world little girls whine when it's time to wake up and go to school. I was one of those little girls (especially in high school). At the same time, all across the world there are little girls that would give anything to have the honor of going to school but poverty, politics and violence deny them this right. Education is a protective factor for girls in every way. Girls who receive an education make more money and become mothers at a later age which has major and lasting impacts not just on their health but the health of entire communities.

Today I want to share about two organizations fighting girls education and ways you can be a part of their work! 

Education and More

Education and More is a Christian fair trade organization with the sole purpose of helping families in Guatemala.

Bracelets to Educate is a new line of friendship style bracelets. What makes them unique is that 100% of the profits are returned to Guatemala to educate impoverished children. The second impact the bracelets make is that the women handcrafting the bracelets earn a fair income for their work. 

I think these simple little bracelets are perfect for stacking and would make a super cute gift for a teacher! The little apple charms on the bracelet are just too adorable and at only $6 a piece these are an easy way to support education for girls.

The Mala Fund

When you educate a girl, it transforms her world

The  goal of the Malala fund is enable girls to complete 12 years of safe, quality education so that they can achieve their potential and be positive change-makers in their families and communities. They work with partners all over the world helping to empower girls and amplifytheir voices; invest in local education leaders and programmes; and advocate for more resources for education and safe schools for every child.

I can't say enough good things about Malala's upcoming documentary. The film will be released in select theatres on October 9th (find a theatre near you) and it's just so important that all of us support this work. Not just because it's a good cause but because it's a beautifully crafted and redemptive film and we need more of that! 

Additionally you can contribute directly to the Malala fund. Last year over 3.4 million dollars were raised to support education for vulnerable children in six different countries! Be a part of changing our world by supporting the education of a child!

Finally! Today, October 25th over 200 World leaders will meet to discuss The Global Goals.  Learn more about the global goals and let leaders know which goals are important to you! We encourage you to pick a you care about the most and share it on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook using the hashtag #GlobalGoals.