My Favorite Shirt

Nomads Tee

Recently I had a negative interaction with a brand I was working with. Over several months there was just a lack of follow-through and quite a few broken promises. Sharing about the situation with someone I said out loud  "I just don't do that kind of stuff to people"...


I was challenged to consider where in my life I'm not keeping my word. It's not something I've ever struggled with deliberately, but as life and work have gotten more and more crazy I realize that this happens, more than I'd like to believe, by default. Sometimes it's just a total forgetfulness. Other times it's "getting it done" but the result lacks excellence and creativity. Since this blog is a hobby and not my full time job I find it challenging to keep all the plates spinning in this space. I thought about where I'd not done a good job keeping promises with Let's Be Fair...and then I thought of Nomads.

Nomads reached out to me many months ago about their brand. They were super kind, like, really friendly, and sent me two beautiful pieces of clothing and even offered to help on a tech support issue with something I couldn't figure out on the blog. They didn't ask for anything except that if I liked the clothing I would talk about it. Super easy to work with! I'd intended on sharing about this brand and these beautiful pieces...and then life happened.

So when Nomads reached out to offer our readers a discount on their amazing site I jumped at the opportunity to share. Sometimes we get do-overs in life, I got a do-over with this one and I'm excited about it.

This long sleeve tee from Nomads is seriously one of my favorite pieces. I wear it ALL THE TIME. It has held up perfectly through washing, being stuffed into a suitcase and general wear and tear. I'm not a fashion blogger, I'm not a model, I embrace that. So me taking super stylized photos of myself in clothing just feels weird and unnatural. However I think what the images above do tell is that I'm not kidding when I say I really love my clothing from Nomads. When my husband was looking through photos it made me laugh when I realized just how much I wear this top! It's really good quality and beautiful stuff. 

I look at clothing nearly every day and I've tried a lot of ethically made pieces.  I think the price point and the quality ofNomads is some of the best I've had the pleasure of trying.

Right now they are offering readers 20% off with code BLOG20.

This would be a great time to stock up on some basics or grab one of their pretty tunics for an upcoming vacation. 

Thank you Nomads for my favorite shirt ever (and thanks to my friends for not making fun of the fact that I wear it so much!)