Parker Clay and Mothers Day

 A few weeks ago we got to spend the day in Costa Mesa with some of our friends and the wonderful Parker Clay. I was so excited to help with styling some of the outfits for the shoot and playing dress up with my sisters and friend Brianne who did an awesome job modeling. We've been Parker Clay fans for a while but seeing all of their products in person made me a major fan girl because it's not only really beautiful but also pretty flawlessly made. They're priced the same as a higher end bag but the construction of the bag is SO much nicer than any bag I've owned before. They're casual enough to carry every day, structured enough to take to work and fancy enough to take out to dinner. You really need to get yourself one of these!



Parker Clay Tote 

Faire Collection Necklace



 Parker Clay Clutch

Akola Necklace (blue)



Parker Clay Tote and wrap bracelet

Soko Necklace



Parker Clay Weekender Bag

Everlane Shirt



Parker Clay All Leather Purse and headband

31 Bits Necklace 


As fun as the day was by far the best part of the day was spending time with Ian and Brittany Bentley, the founders of Parker Clay. A few years ago they moved to Ethiopia with 3 kids and a passion to address causes of poverty and disruption of family. After founding Parker Clay and adding two more children to their family, The Bentleys returned state side to fight for the health of one of their children who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.


Meeting these two (aren't they cute?!) I'd never have guessed that they were the parents of 5 children who'd just moved their whole family from the other side of the world and were in the middle of a major health crisis....oh and running a brand new successful business. They are the type of people that gave up the idea that success and happiness were synonymous with easy and comfortable. We throw around the word "inspiring" a lot but that is what this couple truly is. 

This Mothers Day I want to challenge all of us, whether parents or not, to imagine what our lives could be like if we took easy and comfortable out of the equation. These are words that probably don't define the stories of any of the people who inspire us but for some reason we strive soooo hard to have it. Let's celebrate Moms this weekend by honoring the selfless spirit of Motherhood and dream bigger dreams than what the American Dream has to offer us. Happy Mother's Day.