Behind The Brand - The People


It has really been an honor getting to know and share more about the brands involved in Behind The Brand. The last two weeks for us have been  a reminder of the importance of this work. Reading the stories and seeing the faces of the artisans who make these products and the people impacted by them has been truly inspiring. The stories and faces are different but the truth is the same. Business matters. People matter. And businesses that honor people deserve our support and our money.  The past few weeks have been darkened with natural disaster abroad and confusion and pain at home. It is in these times it's so critical to remember that we are all connected. Not in an airy-fairy way but in a true way that acknowledges that we are all created beings whose lives are equally deserving of respect and dignity. We hope you enjoyed our first Behind The Brand series and found new brands to love and support. Thank you SO much Tamga Designs, Maya Traditions, Hand in Hand, GoodWorks Coffee, Passion Lilie, Est Wst and Hands Producing Hope for letting us share your story. We are with you and wish you only the best for your brand.