Get To Know: Bhakti Chai

20150405_Bhakti Chai

I'm not normally a "try new things" guy. I like what I like. I order the same things at restaurants. I wear grey...a lot. But when Bhakti Chai asked me to try out their assortment of chai flavors available at Whole Foods Market, I decided that I would step courageously into the great unknown. 

The first thing I consume every morning is chai. I like that it's warm, and has sweetness and spice. It's that little bit of spice that helps me slowly transition for sleeping me to awake me. Bhakti Chai, however, is not a slow transition at all. It is a spicy ginger kick to the face. 

My favorite was the original flavor, and it's best if you drink it cold. If you like the spicy side of chai, definitely check these out. It's the perfect drink for dealing with the mid-day slow down when you're at work. It's really refreshing and although I'm not a scientist it seems like the energy it brings is coming from a natural place.

Drink Up!



*Bhakti Chai provided us with samples to try. All thoughts are my own.