Let's Get Married: Part 2

Welcome! We are so proud of these beautiful images and the wonderful brands and artists who made them possible. Come back friday to learn more about everyone involved in this project! We hope you find even more inspiration today as we share the second part of our inaugural bridal feature, Let's Get Married.


20150223_BLOG_Wedding_Sarah_Full Length

20150223_BLOG_Wedding_Sarah_Full Back

20150223_BLOG_Wedding_Sarah_Close Back

20150223_BLOG_Wedding_Sarah_Necklace_01  20150223_BLOG_Wedding_Sarah_Necklace_02



 Get this look:

The Eileen Wedding Dress by Celia Grace

Notch Necklace by Bario Neal 

Emerald Ring by FTJCO

Whole Trade Greenery by Whole Foods Markets


Photography by Kyle Ellis

Hair by Raquel Tosaya

Model- Sarah Rude

Art Direction by Let's Be Fair