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 I'm excited to share about Mamafrica Designs with you today! Obviously the entire point of this space is to share about brands that are using commerce to create a more equitable and beautiful world. However sometimes the work that a brand is doing just really gets me excited and reaffirms the importance of thoughtful consumerism and the reason I write this blog. Mamafrica is one of those brands. Mamafrica is a grassroots organization based in the city of Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo serving internally displaced women from the volatile eastern provinces of the country. Mamafrica remains a source of long-term, viable, and sustainable employment for these women.

"By working full-time as part of our sewing program, the artisans not only develop marketable skills but develop a sense of empowerment that only comes from observing the value in one’s work and successfully providing for oneself and one’s family. Our programs reflect the basic premise that when women thrive, their families, communities, nations and the world become more secure."

As a lover of pretty things but a bigger lover of sustainable options for at-risk women and children, I am excited about the work this brand is doing in a particularly violent region that sadly has been known as "The Rape Capital of the World". Due to to volatile nature of this area, there are few businesses willing to take a risk and invest here. In many ways the work of Mamafrica is ground breaking and completely inspiring. 


 The Zawadi Makeup Bag  is the makeup bag we all want. It's super light-weight but also big enough to actually fit all your stuff in. The fabric is a traditional print from Burundi. I love the colors of this piece so much!



The Judith Leather Clutch is made out of recycled leather and traditional print fabric. It's a great size clutch that feels more substantial than some fabric clutches. It has beautiful lining inside and is just a unique, very well made piece. 

 I also really like their beautiful yoga bags  and the baby bib that would make a super cute and unique gift.


Learn more about the work of Mamafrica in this brief video. [youtube]

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