A Few of My Favorite Bloggers

Happy Black History Month! Today I'd like to introduce you to some of my favorite blogs with Black authors. I've found that just like society, even blogging world has a problem with exclusion and a lack of diversity. I'm constantly disappointed when I see photos of blogger and women's conferences in which the entire panel looks the same, the bios read the same and the subject matter is the same. The beauty of the internet is that it's GLOBAL yet sadly we use it like a country club. I will preface this post by saying that these ladies aren't "undiscovered" or "finally bringing diversity to their unique spaces". They've been doing their thing for a long, long time and have huge followings. My point in sharing about them is really personal (it's a fan girl post basically) and hopefully introducing them to a few Let's Be Fair readers that might have not heard of them yet. Of the many blogs I read these are some of my regulars and I hope you check them out. You might just find a few new dailies to add to your list!


The Jungalow by Justina Blakeney


My absolute favorite destination for interior design.Take a tour of Justina's home, lovingly referred to as The Jungalow and you'll be hooked. In addition to her beautiful instagram, she has a zillion followers on Pinterest, for all the right reasons, and I like following her there for daily inspiration. I appreciate Justina for her realness and the way she uses her influence to support others. She is a community builder and a blogger I really admire.


Dr. Christena Cleveland


One of my favorite thinkers recently. Most of her work addresses the intersection of faith and racial reconciliation...two topics that have been at the forefront of my mind and heavy on my heart for a while but especially in the past year. It's super refreshing to me to hear about these issues and learn from a female perspective!! Follow her on twitter for her most up to date thoughts and take a few moments to read some of her previous blog posts.


Girl With Curves by Tanesha Awashti


Before #effyourbeautystandards was a thing, Girl with Curves was a destination for fashionistas of all sizes to find inspiration. I value her perspective focused on health, self-confidence and creativity. She has fantastic tutorials for makeup, hair , and how to dress in a way that honors the skin you're in. Tanesha is not an ethical fashion blogger but her line of fabulous investment pieces are made in the USA which is a major win with us!


Fly by Andrea Pippins

20150216_Andrea Pippins

If you want to know what the cool kids are into you should be reading Fly. Andrea is an educator, artist and fosterer (is that a word?) of creativity in others. I am not an artist but have so enjoyed her recent "we doodle" project that gives artists a daily doodle challenge (check out  #wedoodle on instagram) based on a theme. She has a knack for finding the coolest offerings in design, music and fashion. From her perfect art to her perfect blog the only thing you won't like about Fly is that you didn't find it sooner.


All photos used in todays post are the property of each blogger.  I probably should have gotten permission to use them before I wrote this post. YOLO.  



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