Diaper Bags

20150106_Diaper Bag

Sweet Saira of Give cookies is having a baby! She reached out the other day and asked where to find ethically made diaper bags. These are not all "diaper bags" necessarily but each bag is spacious and has outside pockets for bottles. That's important right? How precious that as you plan for a little one to come into the world you can also be helping a mom somewhere take better care of her little ones!  What's important to you when looking for a diaper bag? Do you have a favorite ethically made bag? Please share with us in the comments below!

1. Malia Designs Recycled Diaper Bag

2.  Esperos Emerald Classic Backpack

3. Liberian Glory Miata Tote Bag

4. Connected Goods Persimmon Travel Bag Set - to organize stuff inside your bag

5. United By Blue McKenzie Tote

6. Eleven Rooster Fox Big Diaper Bag

7. White Apple Thread Recycled Coffee Bag

8. Freeset Act Justly Territory Bag

 Not Pictured: Better Life Bags Emily Diaper Bag