My Favorite Posts of 2014

20150105_Favs of 2014

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2014 was a wonderful year for us on this blog. As I reflected back over the year we've had at Let's Be Fair I was somewhat surprised to see how much the posts from this year mirror my personal journey. I had this idea that I wasn't the type of blogger to share a lot of personal stuff but a years worth of posts would certainly suggest otherwise! It's weird to share intimate details in such a public and vulnerable space. I think that it's only because of the amazing readers and supporters we have that we are confident to share, dream and work out our stuff in the super weird reality that is blog life. Thank you for being part of this community and sharing your thoughts, encouragement and suggestions with us and one another this year. Thoughtful living can be difficult at times which is why I greatly value the system of support Let's Be Fair Readers provide. I hope that it proves helpful to you on your journey.

I also want to thank our wonderful guest contributors Ashlie, Mattea and Tegan for their thoughtful content and unique perspective. I LOVE sharing this space with you and look forward to growing with you and learning so much more from you.

Finally THANK YOU to the brands who've sponsored us this past year. We appreciate your collaboration and your kindness in allowing us into your world. We hope the work we do benefits you and the communities you serve and work in. 

I have a hunch that 2015 isn't going to be the year I expected it would be but I do expect to be surprised by much joy, growth and renewed passion in the months ahead. Let's do this!

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