A Season of Thoughtfulness

Hi! I wanted to share about a few unique and really fun holiday parties I went to this season. The holidays are such a great and intentional time to connect with old friends and people we love but it also is a time when greed and stress run rampant if we aren't intentional. Re-thinking a holiday get together by spending time with people you love while doing something that's good for others can be a really fun way to keep the holidays in perspective. 


31 Bits House Party


My very sweet friend Hannah hosted a 31 Bits House Party this year. She's an event planner so of course everything was super cute and planned to the last detail. Last week we had friends over and served our guests fast food ketchup packets out of the fridge for burgers...so not kidding...so I always appreciate girls who can throw parties that are perfectly styled but look effortless. Here's what Hannah had to say about her hosting experience. 

"Hosting our 31 Bits holiday house party was extremely filling, encouraging, and empowering. From the time we started selling at 11am the door stayed open. Women of all different backgrounds came through and contributed in a cause bigger than themselves. There were smiles, there were laughs, and there was hearts eager to GIVE. There were lots of satisfied women and once they watched the short clip on the core of 31 Bits it seemed as though it reinforced their purpose for being there and reason to support! Knowing that each piece of 31 Bits jewelry is handcrafted by recycled paper and uniquely designed by a woman in Uganda is impacting. It makes you want to step in and be apart of a great cause!  Knowing that each purchase made will change a life, a family and even a community made us eager in just wanting to sell out... and we were close! It was such a privilege and blessing to be apart of the bigger story in helping those rise from poverty in Uganda." 


Operation Christmas Child Packing Party


My fabulous sister Gen has been hosting an Operation Christmas Child Packing party for a few years. Operation Christmas Child is a really neat program from Samaritans Purse that delivers THOUSANDS of Christmas presents to children all over the world. Gen's party was super fun with chili on the stove, wine, Christmas music, and of course, a yule log on tv. Gen had a ton of items on hand for her guests to supplement their boxes. In typical fashion, I waited until the last minute to plan my box and ended up spending a small fortune hunting for made in the USA products at Target. However, I can say with confidence that if you have a bunch of time and money to waste you can find quite a few ethically made stocking stuffers and gifts at Target. 

As you plan for future holiday parties I encourage you to get creative and see how you can incorporate more thoughtfulness into the holiday!

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