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If you're looking for a really unique holiday gift for someone special check out Fair Treasure. These thoughtfully curated boxes deliver a box of select fair trade goodies directly to your door for a fraction of the price you'd pay for them individually. I received the October and November boxes as well as an additional necklace and found some pieces that were really unique and special. My favorite piece, which is for purchase in their store, was the agate paper and glass necklace. As a matter of fact, I had my items sent to my parents house because we were in the process of moving and it almost didn't make it home with me since my mom and sisters saw it first and wanted to 'borrow' it. I also really loved the bamboo bowl from the subscription box. For some reason, typically I find Bamboo stuff to always be a little "earth mothery" but this bowl is super sleek, well made and beautiful. Like something you'd find at Crate and Barrel. Each box comes with cards that tell you about the products inside your box which is a really special touch. It's so special the be able to see a photo of the person who made your product. Sort of like going to a global craft fair! 

You can shop in the Fair Treasure store for individual pieces, or you can buy a subscription. For less than $100 you can get a three month subscription which means the recipient would be getting holiday presents from you until March and that's just awesome. You'd basically win Christmas. Best. Daughter. EVER.

Sorry. Does anyone else compete with their siblings over 'best gift' for their parents or is that just my dysfunctional family?

Fair Treasure is offering Let's Be Fair readers 20% off anything in their store  until December 19th with code: BEFAIR20. So if you (like me) didn't finish all your shopping on Fair Tuesday you can finish up now with a discount! I think the Olive Wood Pinch Pot  and the Ceramic Owl Wine Stopper would be a fun gift paired with some specialty salts or a bottle of wine.

Still not sure? You can read other great reviews about these boxes here and here.

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