Gifts for the Holiday Hostess

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It's the Holiday Season (The Holiday Season!) which means lots and lots of parties. If you aren't hosting this year consider taking a gift to the host or hostess. This gift can do double duty as a Thank You and holiday gift and is a thoughtful way to express appreciation for not having to cook. However, depending on the friend, it might be that the best gift you can give is to wash the dishes before you leave. Need more ideas? Check our pinterest board!


1. Fig and Tulip California Quail Tea Towel

2. House of Alva Block Print Scarf

3. Tactile Matter Hanging Vase - I'll take one of everything please

4. Prosperity Candle Forever Candle - try amber & orchid or redwood & patchoulli

5. One Hope Wines Gift Boxes

6. Just Love Coffee - haven't tried one I didn't like! You can search by region or collaboration

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