Hey Buddy. So you're here because your girlfriend sent you a link with a winking emoji attached huh? Well welcome to one of the most important decisions in your life. Between now and New Years Eve thousands of couples will get engaged, just in time for a spring wedding, and you my friend will likely be one of them. So congrats on this great adventure. Here are a few rings ideas to help get you started. "Traditionally" you are supposed to spend two months salary on a ring. If you're making six figures that's scary, if you're a student and those six figures have a decimal point in the middle it might be even scarier. But here's the thing. You know your girl and you know that she's rather be married to the person she loves than get a giant rock for her finger...and if it's the other way around, this might be a good time to brush up that match.com account. Do you best, ask questions and pick from your heart. Good luck. Feel free to email us: dominique@letsbefairblog.com if you need help finding something specific or check our giant resource list of ethical wedding rings. We've got your back. 

1. Bario Neal Asymmetrical Aven Ring with Rough Diamond (drooling)

2. Barbara Michelle Jacobs Bezel Set Emerald Cut Solitaire

3. Barbara Michelle Jacobs Cushion Cut Diamond Vine Solitaire

4. Bario Neal Linear Diamond Ring

5. FTJCo Flat Edge Trellis Solitaire

6. FTJCo Tapered Basket Set Solitaire

7. Bario Neal Cala Diamond Ring

8. Barbara Michelle Jacobs Three Diamond Ring

9. FTJCo Three Stone Trellis Ring


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