Let's Trade: Banana Republic

20140920_Trade_Banana Republic_01

I used to be all about Gap brands for basics. Old Navy for cheap stuff, Gap for casual wear and Banana Republic for work. In 2004 and then again in 2007 Gap was part of a huge child labor scandal and has actively remained involved in labor rights issues ever since...but I don't mean involved like "Hey we learned our lesson and we're gonna make sure it doesn't happen again." I mean "involved" like their names come up all the stinking time when discussing labor rights violations. Gap is a huge company and like any giant company there is no way they're able to keep track of everything. However the structure of companies that offer deeply discounted products while still managing to make a serious profit, create a systemic problem that lead to an environment where labor rights violations are almost inevitable. The good news is that there are companies answering the call for those of us who want to shop ethically but can't spend a fortune on our wardrobe. Everlane is setting a standard in the industry with their concept of radical transparency and their steadily growing selection of perfectly made pieces. My husband owns several of their pieces and they are favorites in our home. They don't follow trends too hard yet they're perfectly on point so you'll be able to wear them for a long time. The only problem I have with Everlane is the relatively narrow sizing options, not even meeting the size of the average American woman (which is a size 12/14) but hopefully this is because they are still growing and this will change soon! This is the first of our Let's Trade series where we've been able to do a direct store-to-store trade which I think is pretty incredible and telling of the great work this brand is doing. Next time your looking for a solid basic piece, check out Everlane for something that'll look good and last a long time.

All items on the right from Everlane:

Silk Point Collar

Petra Market Bag

Swing Trench

Slingback Sandal

Color V-Neck