So Long Summer

Do you remember when you were in school, getting super bored by the end of summer vacation? I definitely don't. Having a bunch of siblings and a mom who was awesome at creating adventure I remember loving every moment of my 3 month long summer vacation. While those days are certainly over, I still find myself enjoying mini-vacations all Summer long, in my own backyard and our city. We are ramping up for the fall (and our 2 year birthday!) but before we fully usher it in I wanted to say Thank You to Summer and all the joy it brought this year.

20140902_Summer_July 4th

we started Summer in a town two hours away called Big Bear and watched fireworks.



We grew the most beautiful flowers and yummy produce in our backyard.


20140902_Summer_Darling Brunch

 I took myself on a date to the Darling Magazine Brunch and left with my heart and stomach completely full.



 I met  Amanda from Larkspur Lingerie in her studio and chatted about panties, body image and slow fashion.



 We celebrated the life of my grandma. As my grandfather so eloquently said "In a time when it wasn't fashionable for white's to be with blacks, she held her head high and held her children higher." She was a survivor of Nazi occupation, a faithful wife, an incredible gardener and the best cook I've even known. 



 We went to Unique It just keeps getting better.



 We celebrated a milestone anniversary for my parents IN ALASKA! So much fun being back with all my siblings in the same place. We'll be sharing more Alaska next week (along with a giveaway!) 



We ended Summer right where we started but this time our little pup came along.


La Vie Est Belle.