Around Town: Unique Los Angeles


A few years ago I went  with my sister to Unique Los Angeles. We arrived about 30 minutes before closing and didn't realize I had to pay to enter (and park) until I got there. I enjoyed looking at the vendors but was so rushed and flustered I didn't think about attending again the next time it rolled around. This year we were invited by our friend at Larkspur Lingerie to come check it out and I am SO glad we did! Unique USA put on an incredible event stuffed to the brim with...errr...unique vendors. Their market will be popping up in NYC and San Francisco and then again around the holidays in Los Angeles. It does cost to get in but after this year I think it's totally worth it because of the comfortable, controlled environment. Plus there are always fun goodies to eat and grab, free lectures and craft stations set up. You could easily spend and afternoon at one of these markets! We didn't bring a camera so sorry for the less than stellar photos but wanted to share some highlights of our day with you!

From top left

1. The Essential Man - Super fly, flawlessly put together menswear made in USA.

2. Habit Cosmetics- They win the award for prettiest nail polish packaging. It's so pretty you'd want to display it. Incredible range of colors that aren't full of bad stuff. Also, as a sidenote, the girls running the both that day were stunning and very friendly. Looking like you care and being nice always works!

3. Larkspur- I got to hang with Amanda from Larkspur a few weeks ago and her perspective on conscious consumerism, the beauty of the human body and why lingerie matters was really refreshing. I like a lot of her pieces but this robe stood out to me that day.

4. Daniel looking sexy. Me looking insane. 

5. Tortugas Home - Handmade, very cute placemats produced in California. They are all about the importance of shared meals and donate a percentage to helping others have what they need to make sure they can share a meal with their family. Love the concept.