Guest Post: Sustainability In Style

Heaps excited to share a guest post today from the super friendly and ever fashionable Katie of Sustainability and Style. You will LOVE her blog.


Hi All!

 This is Katie from Sustainability in Style and I have been asked by Let’s Be Fair to share some reflections from my ‘365 Wardrobe Workout’ journey with you.

 Way back in October last year I decided to challenge myself to work with what I already own and spend a year shopping my closet for clothing, accessories and footwear. This decision was made to reduce my consumption, find my personal style groove, and celebrate what I already own.

At first it was all a little daunting, but after some careful research it seemed that others who had set themselves the same challenge had found it surprisingly easy to quit shopping cold turkey. Now, more than three quarters of the way through my own challenge I can report that the research was correct. Quitting shopping is surprisingly easy to do! In fact I would say it is a bit disappointing as a former ‘thrift-a-holic’ how little I have missed it.


For those of you out there who might be contemplating their own period of shopping abstinence here are a few pointers.

  LetsBeFair_3Start with a set of guidelines. Write down exactly what you want to include and exclude from your challenge. For example, I live in the subtropics of Australia so I allowed for the purchase of hats and sunglasses on the off chance I was caught out without them (sore eyes and sunburn isn’t worth the risk). However I haven’t needed them!



 Avoid the temptation to ‘load up’ on basics before you start. It may seem like a good idea but you will be surprised how what you thought was a ‘must have’ at the beginning of your journey turns out to be unimportant by the end. Also, be accountable. Tell someone you know and trust about your vows. It is much easier to stay true to your word when you have shared it with another.



Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes rules are broken. Early on in my challenge I had my only pair of surf bikinis dissolve in action. All the elastic in the fabric broke and I ended up near pants-less in the ocean. Luckily I held onto them, and my surfboard, and escaped without anyone noticing, but then faced a heart wrenching decision. Spend an entire year living without the waves, or break my word to myself? I decided that life was too short to not get salty and settled on buying myself a new pair. This decision was not taken lightly but it was definitely the right one and the only time I have had to break my word.



Foster your creativity! It is likely that a shopping ban will get your creative juices flowing. You will start looking at existing pieces in new ways, mending, sewing, dying, adding, embellishing, tie dying, and anything else your creative self can imagine!


The most important tip of all is that you enjoy yourself and when things get tough remember the reasons why you began in the first place (or get that person you know and trust to remind you).

 After a while you will begin to see your current closet has more potential than you ever realized and it is you that makes it shine!


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