Conscious Magazine

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Have you met Conscious Magazine?

"Conscious Magazine tells stories about culture, people, and community that make a difference. Through narratives, collaborations and interviews, the magazine profiles socially innovative brands, human interest stories, and highlights conscious culture. Conscious also hosts conversations for its community to meet and discuss ideas surrounding local and global concerns. Readers subscribe to our Conscious Dailyweb storiesbiannual magazine, and events. Conscious Magazine is distributed to subscribers in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and more. Based in NYC, the Conscious Team is a community of professionals, entrepreneurs, writers, creatives, photographers, students, and storytellers who help produce the magazine and its web stories. Each member’s contribution and perspective help shape and define the magazine."

I feel really lucky to have met the group behind Conscious Magazine. There are a lot of different organizations with really great hearts in the social good movement but I think the staff behind Conscious are some of the best. For so long, print media has been pretty negative for body image and thoughtless more-more-more consumerism. Conscious offers something fresh, beautiful and inspiring. I really encourage you to check it out! You can buy the digitial version for 5 bucks, promise it'll be worth it! You can also get 15% off with code: LETSBEFAIR.