Hey Good Lookin'


 Easily, my favorite part of this blog is the sense  of community between thoughtful shoppers and brands. Often I receive emails from brands seeking support of their new ventures and feedback on branding and marketing. It really is an honor to be trusted enough that brands feel they can be honest with us, express their concerns and goals and be open to receive candid feedback. The thoughtful shopping movement has advanced far beyond the hemp and granola movement that it used to be into something that, I feel, can compete with mainstream brands. However, these changes are costly and because of the often much smaller profit margin of ethical brands, marketing takes a back seat and brands suffer. When I see brands that take the risk to make those changes I get SO excited. Faire Collection and Greenheart Shop are two brands that recently revamped their sites and they are looking so fly I wanted to share them with you!!

I really love how Faire Collection has branded their site to perfectly reflect the types of goods they offer. Like their handmade jewelry the site is bright and simple yet interesting. One new feature they have on their site is the ability to read about the artisans they work with. One thing that stood out to me was that the photos and bios are empowering and beautiful, not sad and please-sir-can-I-have-some-more-ish. I get SUPER annoyed when fair trade brands spend time taking pretty photos of their goods on beautiful models but then take crazy looking pictures of their artisans. We would never ever let someone take a photo of us with our hair messed up, wearing dirty clothes but for some reason when it comes to women in other countries those rules don't apply?It's disrespectful...and likely a big enough topic to discuss separately so I'll move on. Love your photos Faire Collection, great work!! To celebrate the launch of their new site they are offering free shipping this month so if you haven't been introduced to this fun brand yet it's a great time to shop!

Greenheart Shop has been a long time favorite of mine and I own a few of their home goods pieces. I think their website is spot on and their offering are perfectly on trend. One fun feature they're offering is a section of Made In The USA goods that are ethically sourced and produced. They have such a wide variety of products you could probably find something for everyone you know on this site. 

Any brands you've seen recently that you've been impressed with? Please feel free to share below!