Wine Tasting Party with One Hope

20140604_One Hope

 We have been busy and excited around here working on all kinds of fun things! Last week we hosted a wine tasting party with One Hope Wine. Based out of Southern California, ONEHOPE has formed partnerships with nonprofits that support many distinct and important causes. Some of the causes and organizations include breast cancer prevention and treatment, pediatric AIDS prevention and treatment, Autism research and treatment, US forest preservation and protection, and ending childhood hunger. ONEHOPE is committed to making a social impact through a variety of causes and nonprofit partners. 

I first heard of One Hope at an event hosted by The Giving Keys earlier this year and really appreciated the brands fun way of being actively involved in social issues. I was checking out their website and noticed that they do Wine Tastings through their Hope at Hope fundraisers. When you host a hope at home fundraiser, not only are you supporting the charities found on each bottle but 15% of the sales for the evening go directly to a cause of your choosing. For this tasting we raised money for orphan advocacy organization Both Ends Burning, which produced the incredible documentary "Stuck". As a perspective adoptive parent, we have seen first hand how a lack of advocacy on the behalf of orphans keep children and parents stuck in webs of red tape. I had an opportunity to share about Both Ends Burning and their work with the ladies who attended our event and I might have cried while sharing...whatever, it's my party and I'll cry if I want too. 

Hope at Home gave us a perfect opportunity to share about something close to our hearts in a fun way while giving our friends a tangible and delicious way to support. The Merlot, which supports the fight against AIDS, was by far my favorite wine of the evening. I was hesistant to host a wine tasting because I don't drink often  and know very little about wine. Becky, our wine specialist was a total blast and made the whole thing easy to understand and really fun. By the end of the night I'd almost forgotten that I hadn't known her before that evening! If you are looking for a unique and fun way to raise money for a cause you love you should totally check out Hope at Home. If you have any questions about how we organized things please don't hesitate to reach out in the comment section below!