Warby Parker Sunglasses

20140505_Warby Parker

It's summer time! The weather has been really weird this year and it seems that summer came early (like 6 weeks early, not cool) and we've had 100 degree weather this week. I broke my last pair of sunglasses and was really needing a new pair so I checked out Warby Parker.

Warby Parker sunglasses are available in non-prescription and prescription glasses that are polarized, scratch resistant, and won't stretch. Warby Parker frames are made of a special, non-stretching cellulose acetate (not plastic) which means they're gonna not get jacked up the first time  you throw them in your purse. Oh but also when you buy a pair they come with a great case so they'll stay in great shape!

The best part is that for each pair you purchase, one is given to someone in need! Be sure to check out the Warby Parker Home Try-Ons. Pick five pairs of frames, and they will send them to your home for you to try on for free! Just select what you like and send them back to place your order, it is so simple. We both ordered Home Try-Ons for prescription glasses before and so we were excited to try again. I ended up buying the glasses in the bottom right picture. If you are looking for some new sunglasses or prescription glasses I'd definitely recommend trying Warby Parker!