World Fair Trade Day

20140511_Fair Market_01


This past Saturday we celebrated World Fair Trade Day. From fair trade chocolate tasting, advocacy workshops and cooking demonstrations there are events scheduled all over the country this week that are sure to be fun and helpful in explaining not just what fair trade is but who it impacts. We are so fortunate to live in a place where we are close to a Whole Foods Market and because of this, we have access to a lot of great fair trade products. Many fair trade products can be found online but for us we've discovered that making a bi-weekly run to whole foods for essentials has really helped us keep our commitment to sourcing things as ethically as we can. As you can see in the photo above there are a growing number of items that you may purchase on a weekly basis that you can buy fair trade. We've made a commitment to buy the following items fair trade exclusively: bananas, avocados, bell peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes (when avaliable), cut flowers, chocolate, sugar, coconut oil, rice and soap. Yes, it has added a little bit to our shopping budget but honestly it's such a small difference overall we hardly notice it. It also helps us waste a lot less food because we value it more. Additiionally we are adding more and more ethically sourced beauty products like shampoo and lotion into the mix. I know I'm crushing super hard on whole foods right now and I promise this isn't a sponsored post. It's just really exciting to see markets taking the work of caring for others seriously...and really nice to not have to pay crazy shipping costs to order fair trade stuff online.  

We haven't talked much about advocacy around here but I wanted to let you all know what I plan on doing in my community to advocate for fair trade. We are sending the above photo to Whole Foods to thank them for their commitment and then we are going to send the same picture to the markets we normally frequent. Our hope is that by explaining that we are having to shop elsewhere for items we used to purchase in their store, that maybe they'll see a reason to at least try and carry fair trade items in their store as an option. With advocacy it is often so hard to guess what might make a difference, but this is a simple thing we can do and I encourage each of you to do the same in your local market. Maybe it's as simple as asking for them to carry a fair trade coffee option or maybe you can write a letter to the president of the company. Whatever you decide to do Just.Do.It! I'll let know you after we send out our letters what type of response we get. 

If you have time please consider attending a fair trade event in your area this week! We'll be at the Whole Foods in Porter Ranch on May 18th and hope to see some of you there!