Ways to include Fair Trade In Your Wedding

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When you incorporate fair trade into your wedding celebration, you know that you're giving back to your global community in real, life-changing ways. One of the most respected fair trade organizations here in North America is The Fair Trade Federation. Tegan, asked them to share some of their favorite fair trade tips for your wedding.

Small (but Significant) Ways to Include Fair Trade in Your Wedding

By The Fair Trade Federation

While planning a wedding, couples make lots of big, important purchases. From food and music to gifts and favors… the list goes on and on. During this planning stage, it’s good to keep in mind that our purchasing decisions can powerful – especially when it comes to detailed events like weddings with lots of things to shop for.
It’s easy to forget that the way we shop affects other people and global communities, and it has an even bigger effect on the way people choose to do business in the future (like those in the ever-growing wedding industry). For example, fair trade organizations prioritize a set of principles that focus on relationships, fair wages, environmental responsibility, and respect for garment workers, farmers and global artisans. This basic idea sounds reasonable and almost intuitive, but these practices tend to stand out when compared to other businesses.
In a few ways, you can incorporate these values into your wedding by supporting stores that are transparent about how they treat the people who make their products. The Fair Trade Federation is a group of business owners who really care about this idea and are completely dedicated to their work in fair trade.
While it’s difficult to include fair trade in every part of your wedding, here are some tips from the FTF on adding just a few (or more!) fun, elegant, and meaningful fair trade touches to your day.

Start with Your Wedding Attire and Accessories
One of the easiest ways to incorporate fair trade is by seeking out ethical wedding day clothes and accessories. It’s always been a bit challenging to find fair trade clothing that fits a wide range of budgets and tastes, but today there are tons of options.

Fair trade wedding gowns are more widely available now than ever before. There’s nothing quite like a beautiful, handmade wedding dress that’s one of a kind and made by garment workers in safe and empowering conditions. We recommendCelia Grace for wedding gowns and hair accessories (we love their silk hair clips). We also love these silk men’s ties fromGlobal Goods Partners.

You can include your wedding party by searching for fair trade bridesmaid’s dresses as well as shawls and jewelry—both natural gift ideas for bridesmaids with seemingly unlimited fair trade options. We recommend Mata Traders for fun and stylish party dresses and Orijyn for beautiful, upscale pieces perfect for gift giving. These gorgeous, neutral silk scarvesfrom Tilonia would work especially well in fall weddings!

Look to the Details
Small details included in your event are a great way for couples to add personality or give something special to guests.
Lots of fair trade businesses design and produce gorgeous stationary, gift boxes, and other paper and packaging products that can be used for invitations, gifts, or favor packaging. We recommend Ellie Pooh paper stock for stationery and we love this card from Good PaperDistant Villages bags (sold by Gifts With Humanity) are especially perfect for tiny favors.

Speaking of favors, fair trade chocolate is an easy (and always well received!) gift for guests. We’d recommend these minis from Equal Exchange.


Fair trade items work really well for wedding décor, too, as many fair traders sell items for the home that can be repurposed as centerpieces and ceremony decorations. We love these SERRV lanterns (imagine them for evening receptions!) or theseFrom the Earth olive wood napkin rings for rustic-inspired place settings.

Support Fair Trade AND Local Business
There are lots of small, local, community-oriented fair trade stores across the country – the tough part is finding out where they are! Use our store locator to see if there’s a fair trade store near your town or shop online to find specific products.

Learn more about our members atwww.fairtradefederation.org

The Fair Trade Federation is the trade association that strengthens and promotes North American organizations fully committed to fair trade. Businesses go through a rigorous screening process in order to become members. FTF members have made a full commitment to fair trade and every business decision is made with the well-being of artisans and farmers in mind.