Fashion Revolution Day

This friday, April 24th, is the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza Factory Collapse in Bangladesh. Do you remember? It was a blink on the news here but the event destroyed the lives of thousands in Bangladesh. As they dug through the rubble one of the brands they found being made in the factory was called "Joe Fresh", a brand sold at JC Penney. Less than two weeks later I saw a JC Penney commercial on tv advertising their new line from Joe Fresh. I was floored. Why on Earth would a company admit to selling a product that was produced in a facility linked to gross human rights abuse? As I ranted to my husband I realized that the reason they could continue going on as if nothing happened was the fact that for most people...nothing happened. Sure, some folks in the sustainability arena ranted and wrote and raved but the vast majority of people didn't care at all.

Fashion Revolution Day was birthed out of a need to inform and challenge consumers toward a more thoughtful lifestyle and to create sustainable, safe, ethical options for laborers. Another huge part of this is encouraging companies to be knowledgable and transparent about their sourcing and labor guidelines. I don't believe it is too much to ask the brands I like to treat everyone in their supply chain as one of their employees. Whether it's neglect or just a total lack of responsibility, it is ridiculous for the huge companies to write off abuses because they "didn't know". You read this blog, which means that, like me, you believe that the money you spend matters and that we are responsible for the things we support when we purchase clothing. However I don't think that any of us REALLY understand just how much of a difference on a global scale could be made if we we mindful of all of our purchases. If we treated others as we would want to be treated. Fashion Revolution Day reminds us that we can indeed be part of something extraordinary, simply by shopping smart.

I encourage you to find ways to get involved in your own way this year in remembrance of those who died in Rana Plaza and for the millions...maybe billions more who suffer at the hands of willful ignorance. Now we know. Now we are responsible. Let's do something about it. Get Connected with the US branch of Fashion Revolution Day on Facebook and twitter.

Learn more about ways to get involved here.



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