Fair Festival


If you live in Southern California you might have noticed a large absence of 20 something's this weekend thanks to Coachella. I've never been to Coachella but I appreciate it for creating less traffic on the freeways and for streaming live so old people like me can still enjoy the shows from the comfort of my living room. My husband and I refer to this time as couchella...because, once again, we are old and think jokes like that are funny. My much cooler little sister compiled this list of things she'd love to wear to one of this summers many festivals. What concert/festival are you looking forward to this year?

1. Annie Greenabelle Tilly Tea Dress

2. Noonday Collection Feathered Earrings

3. Greenola Style Darling Bracelet

4. Soko Hatu Ring

5. Simply Sustainable Leather Purse

6. Toms Desert Wedges