Totes Adorbs


 Did you ever see that episode of Portlandia where the guy goes to the market without his bag? Well Los Angeles County recently started a plastic bag ban at all grocery stores so this situation has been happening...a lot. I was behind a lady the other day who insisted that all her groceries would fit in her one bag because she didn't want to pay 10 cents for an extra paper one. It was like watching the cashier play a game of tetris. As annoying as it might be it to have to remember your bags, it's pretty awesome to know that Los Angeles is making attempts at keeping our city and oceans much cleaner. What we've found helpful is to keep several totes in our trunk so even if we didn't plan on going to the store we always have a bag. Here are a few totes we'd like to add to our collection!

1. Urban Prey "I bag your pardon" tote

2. Freeset Spree Bag

3. Koromiko Hexagon Tote

4. Urban Prey "When Life Gives You Lemons" tote

5. Serrv Blue Fish Bag

6. Khama Malarky Tote Bag