Like A Boss: Bags for Work

20140402_Messenger Bags_01 

Guys, I need a new bag. The other day as I was coming home from work with my super busted Harajuku Lovers bag from 6 years ago my husband asked me if I wanted to told me I needed to get a new bag for work. Since I am never one to waste an opportunity to shop I've started the hunt for a new work bag. I'm looking for a messenger/crossbody bag that can still carry a good amount of stuff but is more professional than what I'm currently rocking. I also need something that I can wear as I ride my bike to and from work. I found a few options at different price ranges and levels of fanciness and they all have different things that make them special. Can you help me out?! Which one is your favorite?

1. Better Life Bags Chloe -  you can completely customize it

2. Nappa Dori Grenadier II - such a gorgeous color

3. Veja Leather Satchel- sleek, structured and timeless 

4. The Little Market Ikat Satchel - perfection in bag form

5. United By Blue Messenger Bag- can't beat the price and it looks super sturdy

6. Una Organic Leather Messenger Bag- professional but not a briefcase