Favorite Posts: March

20140331_What Were Reading_01March is over!! We read a ridiculous number of blogs and thought we'd share some of our favorite posts from the month. I feel the need to state at this point that we do not particularly agree with everything on every page of every blog we've listed below...but we like these posts...so there!

8 Sustainable Fashion Events to attend in 2014 - Shannon Whitehead

I wish I could go to even one of these! Check it out to see if there will be an event in your area.


Bring on the Ugly Women - The Guardian 

A hilarious piece about "equality" in media and how far we still have to go.


Chiffon Bow Blouse Remix - October Rebel

1 blouse 6 adorable ways.


How to be a Super Sleuth - For the Love of Justice

Fabulous insight to the " Should I shop here" question.


Best Mock Signs from the "White Mans March" - Rage Against the Minivan

 Not for the easily offended. The one from @jaysonbradley is absolutely the best.


Any good articles this month that you want to share? Maybe even one you wrote? Feel free to link to them in the comments below!