New with Noonday Collection

We are happy to welcome back Noonday Collection Ambassdor, Elizabeth! Visit her over at her blog El-Town where she writes more about ethical shopping, sex trafficking and her journey through infertility.


The global impact of Noonday Collection has doubled over the past 6 months!  We went from employing 1,000 artisans to 2,000 artisans, which represents nearly 9,000 people. Think entire communities, immediate and extended family and neighbors -- all because people have dignifiedsustainable forms of employment! This infographic highlights the specifics:
Here are some of our favorites from the new spring line which launched February 20th.

Elizabeth's Picks:

3. Del Mar Necklace, made in Ecuador

4. Threaded Charm Necklace, made in India

5. Empress Earrings, made in Peru
 7. Equestrian Infinity Scarf, made in India
Dominique's Picks:
1. Glimmer Bracelet, made in India
2. Gem Tone Emerald Bracelet, made in Ecuador
6. Gem Trio Studs, made in Peru
8. Ana's Scarf, made in Guatemala
Partner with a Noonday Collection Ambassador near you and host a trunk show!  Contact Elizabeth ( and she'll track one down for you.