The Fair Market

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     Embracing a thoughtful lifestyle can feel a little overwhelming. Where do you start? Start with the basics! Pantry staples are an easy introduction to fair trade because they're readily available online and in a growing number of grocery stores. There are a few items that are easy to commit to buying fair trade. Sugar, grains, chocolate and olive oil are in most of our cabinets already so you're just swapping for the more ethical option, not adding new things you wont use. Below we've listed where you can find fair trade products online but also remember you cand find many of these products in Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts and other health food stores. Another fun way to introduce your pantry to ethically sourced products is to sign up for a Trade As One box subscription.  

    Unless you're using gallons of olive oil or serving quinoa to a football team, the difference in price from swapping these items for ethical alternatives will hardly make a dent in your overall grocery bill. If you are strict with your grocery budget, consider swapping out soda, alcohol and other non essentials on the weeks you need to stock up on fair trade products. 

Sugar: Wholesome Sweetners Organic Sugar   Alter Eco Cane Sugar

Grains: Alter Eco Quinoa (try our yummy recipe too!)   Alter Eco Rice 

Chocolate :  Equal Exchange Chocolate Chips   Guittard Bars    Divine Chocolate 

Olive Oil: Equal Exchange Olive Oil     Cannan Fair Trade Infused Olive Oil