Soko provides a way for artisans to improve their livelihoods by removing the middlemen to directly access global consumers online.  They company states that while over 85% of women in Sub-Saharan Africa are self-employed and many produce crafts and handmade goods to make or supplement very small incomes, their sales are limited to inconsistent local demand or other markets all too often via extortionate middlemen.

To combat exploitation, Soko and Soko artisans follow the principles of fair trade. "Our artisans get the price they ask for the goods they produce and, through our artisan selection process, we work to ensure our artisan partners are providing safe working conditions and fair wages to any employees they may work with."

Soko artisans design their own products and are encouraged to use natural, locally-sourced recycled and upcycled materials. Not only are the creations unique and exquisite, they demonstrate the resourcefulness of the artisans and encourage a sustainable future.

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