A few of our Favorite Things- 2013

20131117_Favorite Things_01

 We are still busy eating our way through New York but wanted to say hey and share this with you. Over the past year I've documented some of our fair trade/ethically sourced purchases and wanted to share my favorites. 

Badger Balm in Mocha Cocoa. As close as you can get to actually rubbing cake all over your face. Very moisturizing, not sticky at all and lasts a long time. 

Foxy Mama Card by Sanctuary Spring. I bought this from Ten Thousand Villages in Pasadena. They have  friendliest staff ever there. 

Green and Blacks chocolate. Buy the mint. You can find this at Wal-mart!

Necklace from story company. Can't link to it for some reason, go to www.storycompany.com

Floral Jug from Green Heart Shop. This photo doesn't do it justice. It's worthy of being displayed.

Prosperity Candle travel tin smells delicious.

Mata Traders dress and earrings. Love Mata Traders. 

Mini Diamond Cut earrings from Hearts. I wear these too much. Buy them, you won't regret it.

Equal Exchange Chocolate - I eat way too much chocolate. This one is in my top 5 

Lawn Flamingos from Party Lab. Totally ridiculous and made in the USA.  

Bath Salts from Vava Vida. Subtle scent and it leaves your skin so soft.

Alter Eco Quinoa and Black Forest Berry Honest Tea . Super yummy and healthy.