Hey Cheaters!


 I've had a lot of fun looking at some of the great #fairtuesday boards you all are creating! With so many participants it's going to be really important to stand out by finding new and unique pieces that make your board shine. Want to do that but don't know where to start? Don't worry! We created a cheat sheet for you! This is in NO WAY an all inclusive list (so if I didn't include your company don't get mad okay?!) These are just some of the places I find myself visiting over and over again! Please feel free to add to this list by suggesting other great thoughtful retailers in the comments below. Remember, Let's Be Fair is about people first. So if it's "eco-friendly" but not people friendly as well we will politely pass on by. Good luck and hope this helps!


Jewelry and Accessories

Krochet KidsJohari * Hearts * Zimbags * Connected In Hope * A Peace Treaty  * Della *Tukula Noonday CollectionPurse and Clutch * Va Va Vida * Hovey Lee *Una fashion *31Bits * Warby Parker


Clothing and Shoes

Mata Traders * One Mango Tree * TOMS * Lemlem * Greenola Style * Bhalo * Ace & Jig * People Tree Annie Greenabelle * aDARable * Nisolo * Symbology * Fortress of Inca * Love is Waiting * Everlane



* The Little Market * Ten Thousand Villages * Prosperity Candle * Story Company *Lydali * Fair and Square Imports * Global Goods * Connected Goods * Greenheart Shop * Shop HDB * Gifts With Humanity