The Thoughtful Home: Knobs


The alternative title of this post was "What now Anthropologie?!" but that seemed spiteful and we know that I'm not like that, not at all.

The deeper we dive into fair trade world the more and more surprised we are about the incredible things we find that are ethically and beautifully made. Each of these knobs add character and beauty, allowing you to change your look and keep pieces modern and fresh without spending tons of money on new furniture that may not have been made ethically. We started our marriage with all hand-me-down furniture. Lately we've been wanting to spruce things up and we've found that simply painting pieces and changing out hardware can make a world of difference. Be sure to click through each link since most of the knobs featured here are from companies that have a lot more great ethical options. 

1. Notting Hill Decorative Hardware Antique Brass Saddleworth Knob 

2. Greenheart Shop Seema Ceramic Knob

3. Connected Goods Ceramic Hand Painted Knob

4. Fair Trade Winds Daha Ceramic Knob

5. Nectar Glass Melon Knob

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