Scarves for Fall

20130922_Fall Scarves_01


I put on a sweatshirt today! Yeah fall! We are thrilled for fall, especially since it was in the 100's two weeks ago! While gleefully pulling out and organizing my winter clothes today I realized that I am actually lacking a little bit in the cold weather clothing area. Fortunately the scarf is not only a staple of winter but a staple of thoughtful fashion. Scarves are one of the easiest items to find fair trade and ethically made. I'm hoping to purchase 2-3 versatile scarves that could work with almost anything but I kinda wish I could go crazy and buy 10 because I've found so many I like. With so many to choose from we are gonna do two posts on scarves starting with warm autumn colors today! We were intentional about finding a variety of styles at varying prices so hopefully all of you can find something you love. 

1. Ten Thousand Villages Feather Weave Scarf

2. Worn For Peace Clare Scarf

3. Hearts Vixen Leopard Scarf

4. Krochet Kids The Quinn Infinity Scarf

5. A Peace Treaty Tidar Scarf

6. Lydali Orpah Scarf

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