Thoughtful Trends from NYFW

20130911_Fashion Week Trends_01

Fashion week came and went and along with loads of beautiful clothes there were some definite stand out trends. As a non-fashion blogger that blogs a lot about fashion, I found many of these trends pretty exciting but also a little to intimidating to try. What I'm realizing is that I don't need to be a fashionista to wear it, I just need to wear it in a way that still feels like me. Here are some fair trade and thoughtfully made pieces that let you wear the trend instead of the trend wearing you.

1. Pantone's color of the year and one of the "it" colors in New York last week. Try adding emerald to your wardrobe through basics that can be dressed up or down like this Komoda Maxi Dress.

2. Lots and lots of floral prints! If you aren't into the flowery garden party-esque look, try the print on a structured piece like this upcycled vintage jacket by ASOS

3. Wearable works of art might not be my thing (let's face it, on a NOT size 2 that's a lot of print) but  accessories like this scarf can still let you enjoy the trend...that is, if you can handle the price tag. 

4. Shades of purple were showing up on pretty model faces in lots of shows. If you aren't feeling bold or want to avoid looking like a vampire, Armour Beauty's sheer gloss can let you enjoy the trend without the pressure of whether or not you're "pulling it off".